Upcycled Wine Bottle - Set of Four Glasses

Upcycled Wine Bottle - Set of Four Glasses


Set of glasses of lively colors ready to be served at any celebrations.


All our pieces are uniquely handmade by smoothening and sterilizing them to ensure safe usage for consumers.


Our main objective is to reduce the carbon footprint by diverting wine bottles ending up in landfills. A wine bottle takes 1-2 million years to decompose! 


Custom Orders are welcome: A unique service that we offer to all our clients - customized sizes and design-changes, based on your requirements.


  • Made from: Wine bottles
    Measurement: 10 cm
    Care: Microwave &  Dishwasher safe

    Set of 4

  • Re-purposed 


    Environmentally Sustainable 

    Lowers Carbon Footprint

    Saves landfill space

    Supports Women's livelihoods