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We share our secrets with you so that you can make our products at home!

Make your own upcycled newspaper bag

You can easily make environmental-friendly bags at home out by using one single sheet of newspaper. Need to make a gift? Follow the instructions of our video and decorate your bag!

Frame pic.jpg
Create a customized photo frame for your home

Add style in your house by creating your own customized photo frames from upcycled materials. We give you the basic steps for the frame, your imagination does the rest!

Learn how to make upcycled glasses from wine bottles

Don't throw away your empty wine bottles! Watch our video and learn to make stylish upcycled glasses that will impress your guests in a unique manner!

Create your own upcycled paper box

Whether you need to make a gift or a storage container,  learn to make these environment-friendly and personalizable paper boxes!

Learn to make upcycled flower planters

Succulents are trendy and so are upcycled items! Make your home more lively by creating stylish planters out of wine bottles so that you can grow colourful succulents in them!

Make upcycled candles from wine bottles and used oil

These upcycled candles are easy to craft and will give a touch of elegance to your dining table. Watch our video guide and add fragrance and light to your home! 

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