Our clients range from individuals to corporates who are committed to creating a positive impact by opting for environmental-friendly products

MOWARE started in 2013 as an initiative to manage paper waste from offices and institutions. We collected newspapers, paper, and cardboard and repurposed them into upcycled products that served as stationery and packaging materials to our clients. Then, our dedicated team started to experiment which other categories of waste that have no value in the recycling market as bottle of wines and launched a new line of glass products.

Through the years, we have built a solid relationships with our patrons, and have continued working closely with all of them to provide them customized products and services to meet their needs, which includes the design and creation of tailor-made batches with their branding.

We are very thankful to have found many like-minded clients that keep trusting in MOWARE.

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We at Yak and Yati are using MOWARE in several areas at the hotel. Knowing that you can rely on your vendors and that they makes life so much easier. Not only the fact that MOWARE uses only recycled products but also the quality of work you get is fantastic! I am extremely happy to have companies in Nepal that care about our environment.

We are using MOWARE also for our give aways to our customers, as the items are really something special!

I personally love the items and have used them many times as gifts for my friends. It is a one-stop,  as you can find something for all age groups. My favourite besides of the water glass is the coffee table and the ceiling lamp made of a turquoise bottle. I am very happy with the products as a business but also as a private person. Keep going!


General Manager, Hotel Yak and Yeti