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We aim to give a new meaning to the waste left behind in the Himalayas by creating high-quality, design-led, upcycled products 

About 540,000 tons of solid waste are generated per year in Nepal. Despite the efforts made in the country to improve waste management practices, the country lacks a formal system for reusing and recycling. As a consequence, many valuable resources are thrown away without recovery and treatment. To switch from a linear to a circular economy, we need to find creative ways to repurpose the waste and get it back into the production chain.

Since 2013, we are continuously exploring innovative ways to repurpose and upcycle the waste from Kathmandu and the Himalayas. Waste is a precious resource that, with passion and creativity, can continue serving us in various manners. With the help of our sisters' concerns BW2V and Sagarmatha Next, we have repurposed about 20,000 kg of waste over the last seven years, which has resulted in 92,000 products created to date.

While doing so, we look forward to sparking our passion for upcycling and love for nature in the local community. We approached various women that were looking for employment opportunities and offered them training, materials, and start-up costs. Since 2013, we have trained and employed a total of 30 women from organizations like WEPCO and EPSA Nepal, and women groups from Indreni, Mahila, Samuha, and Kirtipur. They learned to utilize their skills and innate love of creating to better their lives and better our planet while becoming financially independents. Some of them are still part of the moware family and our team nowadays. 


16,000 kg

of waste upcycled


2,000 pieces

of glass bottle recovered


15,000 kg

of paper recovered


30 women

trained and/or employed


The journey of the bag that cleans up the Himalayas


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