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Brilliantly reborn.

MOWARE stands for Mountain Waste Repurpose. We are leading a design-led intervention and giving a new meaning to the waste left behind in the Himalayas. And having a ball while doing it! 

In a world where waste generation is in constant growth, and we are finishing the available natural resources, it becomes crucial to find innovative ways to reduce our footprint.  By upcycling, we use waste and our creativity to transform it into useful products that have a higher value than the original waste. Upcycling is in much need, as we do not only reduce the waste that is sent to the landfill, but the need of extracting new raw material from our precious natural resources, and the production costs and energy of transforming such raw material in other products. 

MOWARE was born in 2013 as an initiative to promote paper waste management in offices while giving employment to low-income women from Lalitpur, Kathmandu. Over the years, we started to experiment and work extensively with other types of waste as aluminum, wrappers, and glass bottles, hence creating a wide range of high-quality products.

We work through partnerships with other like-minded organizations to increase our impact. With help of our sisters' concern BW2V2 and Sagarmatha Next, we have collected and transformed a total of 60 000 kg of waste generated in Kathmandu Valley and the Khumbu region. Besides, we have trained and empowered 25 women to utilize their skill set and innate love of creation to better their lives and better our planet.

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moware's Vision


Our vision is to have a design-led intervention to the problem of waste.


Over time, we hope to become a tour de force in sustainability. We hope to create a vibrant hub for makers from around the world, to come here and collaborate with us, in a very on-ground grass-roots version to solve developing world problems, via waste re-creation.

moware's Mission

To create high quality, raw material-led products that consumers feel joy using, while reducing our “human” footprint!


Saving the planet, one wine bottle at a time.

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