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The Beginning of MoWaRe: from Upcycling of Newspaper to Women Empowerment

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Formerly known as Green Circle, MoWaRe was started in 2013 as an initiative to

promote paper waste management in offices while giving employment to low-income

women from WEPCO, Kopundole, Lalitpur.  

Initially we produced different sizes of paper bags but with little experimentation we

were able to develop a variety of envelopes and pouches that could fulfil any office’s

stationary needs.


After our successful pilot in training women in Kopundule, we moved on to other

women groups from Gongabu and Kirtipur. By enhancing their skills, MoWaRe has

contributed to uplift their lives not only by providing income-earning opportunities but

helping them to achieve self-reliance.  We can proudly say that we have trained 25

women till date to promote environmentally sustainable practices and livelihoods.


Since its inception, MoWaRe has collected more than 33,000 kg of used newspapers

with help of its sister concern BW2V and converted them in to a total of 55,000 bags,

envelopes and pouches. The final products are sold back to the same organization

from where the waste paper was sourced with an addition of new clients every month.

The unrecyclable paper is forwarded to paper recycling facilities to be used as raw

material for recycled paper.   


The resources of the planet are limited, and we at MoWaRe believe that there is an

urgent need to treat waste rightfully as a resource. By upcycling newspaper waste into

useful products, we are making our contribution to the circular economy while

generating livelihood for marginalized women of Kathmandu and surrounding areas.

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