Twoodly. Twice re-born. And do a dance. Brilliantly reborn.

We are leading a design-led intervention to the problem of waste. And having a ball while doing it!


While reducing the quantum of waste sent to landfills, we are repurposing every-day raw materials for a second life, and a new purpose.


Our products are batch-made.

We only work with ‘found’ raw materials in Kathmandu and the Himalayas.


Over the years, we have worked extensively with paper, aluminum wrappers, and glass bottles, to create a wide range of products. Our bestsellers seem to be our wine-glasses and glass-bottle & wood lights, which we think fit in perfectly with the mountain-valley-vibe!


Our products are hand-made.

We train and empower women to utilize their skill set and innate love of creation, harnessed to better their lives, and better our planet. Each product will have a maker’s mark, and you can read their stories here.

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