DIY Series 2 Photo frame

Starting with Newspaper bags of different sizes, Moware slowly had started training the women groups to produce higher value products that could be made out of reused & recycled paper. The aim of working with the newspaper was to build the capacity of these women groups & skill them so that they could make more intricate products. The entire effort generated the much-needed skills in the community that was required by these women groups to make them confident and self-sufficient.  


In this effort, MoWaRe with the help of Blue Waste to Value has collected more than 33 tons of waste papers from various organizations. 


The waste paper collected from different offices were first shredded and then sent to recycling facilities to convert them into hard brown boards. These boards are then taken back from the recycler and provided to the women group to make different kinds of photo frames. The frames are sold back to the same organization from where the waste paper was sourced with the addition of new clients every month. The income generated from sales of these products is invested back into the system to provide further training to the women group and give them a chance to earn some extra income for their living.

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