DIY Series 3 Upcycled wine bottle - Tall glass

The aim with which MOWARE was established would not have been achieved by only focusing on upcycling waste paper. It needed to be extended to other waste material and hereby extending the product line of MOWARE. 


According to the ADB report published in the year 2018, 4% of the total waste generated by commercial organizations in Nepal was glass. This glass waste which landed up at the landfill would take 1million years to decompose. So we decided to intervene and divert this waste from reaching the landfill and convert this waste material into a range of up-cycled products.


When going through the glass waste we realized that wine bottles were the most cumbersome and inefficient waste so we decided to use them and create a range of products which could be used at home, restaurants and offices. 


We started with collecting wine bottles from our sister concern BW2V back in January 2018. Till date, we have collected approximately 3000 waste wine bottles and converted them into different glass products.


One of the products is wine glasses that can replace the regular glasses that we buy from the market. We started producing these glasses by doing the process manually, from cutting the bottles to smoothening of the edges.  Although the manual process took a bit more time, it was worth it. we developed the skill in house and today we are producing the same product with better quality through a semi-automated process. 


The impact that has been created by diverting and upcycling these wine bottles brings a purpose to what we do here at Moware. 

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